December 24, 2019

'As we previously discussed, the main series of Zeppelin’s public bad luck started with Robert Plant’s car accident in 1975 but that was before Anger’s Curse of King Midas on Jimmy Page. I think Anger’s general involvement with Page starting in 1971 began a slow buildup of chaos energy and the dam began to crack and ultimately broke with the 1975 car crash. His curse after being ejected from Jimmy Page’s home in 1976 just expedited what was already happening energetically with the band due to his earlier involvement. It was all downhill for Zeppelin from there.

Fame and all that comes with it draws in massive amounts of psychic energy and those who seek to get close to the famous get a hit, if you will, of that juice and it can become addictive. People that know how to harness and manipulate psychic vibrations, people like Kenneth Anger, can tap into the pool of energy that rock stars like Zeppelin have around them and use it as a sort of fuel; akin to vampirism. Anger was very clever i...

June 22, 2018

Sure, there are deaths aplenty connected to the Zeppelin Curse but the main target / focal point seems to have gotten off scott-free. Well, not exactly. The results of a curse can be a slow burn as well. Jimmy Page’s heroin addiction is a smoking gun. The majority consensus was that JP’s playing ability suffered significantly from his heavy smack use starting around 1975. I suspect that some sort of magickal working occurred at or around this time. Whether it was by Page, Kenneth Anger or the both of them doing spells separately is anyone’s guess. Remember that Robert Plant’s car accident in Greece occurred in 75’ too.

With heroin you go into such a deep, dreamlike state that you can be ‘worked on’ more effectively by spiritual tapeworms or soul infections. During JP’s long-term heroin stupor, I’m sure that many astral beings permanently grafted themselves onto his energy field. The addiction certainly stifled his creativity which we’ll discuss shortly. Also; this sort of vampiric slow-...

June 16, 2018

Kenneth Anger, for lack of a better word, is an angry person and not one to forget a slight. Many years after the 1976 curse he had gone on record indicating that he hadn’t let go of the Lucifer Rising soundtrack dispute. Anger's salvo of caustic energy seems to have stunted Jimmy Page’s creative growth and seal him into a permanent stasis of sorts. We'll never know for sure but it’s rather curious, don't you think?

It's common knowledge that Page is very keen on a reunion tour. John Paul Jones, ever the passive one, would surely be aboard. However, the self-professed golden god Robert Plant is a rock block, if you will. Since the late 70’s he's been in the driver's seat when it comes to the direction of the band. He could take it or leave it and has all the control because there’s no way they could do the band’s legacy any justice without all three remaining members involved. Interestingly enough, once Plant distanced himself a bit from Led Zeppelin he cultivated a successful solo care...

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