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-Almost Famous meets hereditary-
Based on the best-selling Led Zeppelin Curse- A rock star agrees to compose music for an experimental occult film but incurs the deadly wrath of its volatile director when he doesn't deliver.
*Inspired by actual events involving one of the most famous rock bands in history!
Story behind the screenplay
Lance Gilbert is an American writer who has lived in Wellington, New Zealand for the past decade. After almost twenty years in Human Resources and Recruitment, he began writing full-time.
Lance became well-versed in the history of the iconic rock band, Led Zeppelin, both during and after the publication of his best-selling nonfiction book, The Led Zeppelin Curse.
In addition to the historical aspects of Zeppelin, Lance’s knowledge of the occult closely parallels that of Jimmy Page. This background puts him in a good position to interpret the legendary conflict between Page and the famously tempestuous underground filmmaker, Kenneth Anger.  
Lance realized that there would likely not be an authorized Led Zeppelin biopic made while the remaining members are still alive. Because the circumstances surrounding the downfall of the band would make a Zeppelin-approved biopic impossible, Lance decided to adapt his book into an unauthorized screenplay. Although rock music fans will love this, it’s for anyone, regardless of their knowledge of the band.  
Almost Famous meets Hereditary- Lance’s script focuses on the ill-fated collaboration between Page and Anger; both devotees of the notorious occultist, Aleister Crowley.  As Zeppelin hedonistically tours the world, Anger grows more impatient with the preoccupied rock star who owes him a piece of music. And what did Anger do? These very details, the ones that would create issues with an authorized biopic, are by far, the most compelling aspects of the band’s history.  
Whether or not Kenneth Anger’s presence in Led Zeppelin’s orbit, if you will, led to their downfall is impossible to prove or disprove. However, unlike many biopics that take liberties with facts, this screenplay sticks as closely as possible to the available historic information. 
*To avoid legal issues, all names in the script have been changed.  
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