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The Led Zeppelin Curse

Who or what is responsible for the Led Zeppelin Curse?

There has long been rumor that the members of Led Zeppelin made a pact with the Devil, selling their souls for fame and fortune. The legend of the Led Zeppelin Curse emerged in the late 1970’s after multiple accidents, deaths and other bad luck began to plague the band and those close to them. Led Zeppelin founder Jimmy Page was known for his intense interest in the occult and in particular the notorious magician Aleister Crowley. In the early 70’s Page collaborated with underground filmmaker and fellow Crowley enthusiast Kenneth Anger on his film Lucifer Rising. The partnership ultimately soured and Anger sought revenge.


So, what is the culprit of rock music’s most notorious curse of all? In this book the available evidence is examined and the gaps are filled in with Lance Gilbert’s two-decade background in the occult and supernatural. This is a unique and objective analysis of rock’s most enduring mystery. No other book ties together all of the details while taking the reader backstage in the all too real and dangerous world of the occult.   

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The Hardest Job I've Ever HaD

Are you a mom or dad?

Have you or your spouse ever been a full-time stay-at-home parent?


Join former Human Resources and Recruitment professional Lance Gilbert during the first year of the hardest job he’s ever had! Lance didn’t know what he was in for and was utterly shocked at just how stressful and exhausting the hidden life of a SAHP (stay-at-home parent) really is.

Step into Lance’s home as he looks after his three young daughters. It’s a topsy-turvy adventure filled with daily tantrums, endless chores, and the unexpected psychological impacts of isolation. This is a gender-neutral account of one parent’s shocking realization that the caricature of home-parents as robe-wearing couch potatoes is completely unfounded.

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