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My Screenplays

Unholy Soundtrack
Nightside of Eden
Cults of the Shadow
Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page agrees to compose music for Kenneth Anger's experimental occult movie, Lucifer Rising, but incurs the filmmaker's deadly wrath when he doesn't deliver.

*Option (expired)
An outcast nightshift security guard desperate to find his missing heroin addict mother, summons demons from the world's most dangerous conjuring book, the Goetia, to help him locate her with their supernatural powers.

*Shopping agreement (expired)
Cults of the shadow

Poster coming soon
A traumatized occultist seeking redemption struggles to rescue a gifted teen artist from a vengeful spirit out to make a blood-soaked New England town pay for its sins. 
PSI Killer

Poster coming soon
A psychic assassin with a volcanic temper fights to break away from handlers while tracking down his mysterious lineage and evading a notorious Russian leader out for payback.  
The exorcist murders

Poster coming soon
The true story of an eccentric financial genius that struggles to keep his sanity after accepting a gift from his Oscar-winning mother, who also voiced The Demon in the iconic horror film, The Exorcist. 
PSI Killer
The Exorcist Murders
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