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PSI Killer
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-John Wick meets stranger things-
A psychic assassin with a volcanic temper fights to break free from handlers while tracking down his mysterious lineage and evading a notorious Russian leader out for payback.
*Inspired by actual events involving one of the most outrageous and compelling 'conspiracy theories' of all time, The Montauk Project. 
PSI Killer

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Story behind the screenplay

PSI Killer follows a victim of the infamous MK Ultra Montauk Project as he flees a subterranean lab after his trauma-induced amnesic walls break down following an attack by another psychic hitman.

The script is based on my own IP, which predates the Stranger Things pilot. It’s a unique world that’ll grab you right from the very first page. I’ve explored the Montauk base and incorporated my disturbing experiences there into the story. 


Coverage excerpts –

‘The writer excels in the areas of tone, world building and genre blend. What could be totally disparate kinds of genres feel cohesive due to the strong world building that is present here. This is one of the more interesting and unique worlds that I've read; there is clearly a lot more that isn't discovered which lends a lot of authenticity to the universe and sets us up for sequels in a way that does not feel forced.


The story also comes across as unique at times, not just because of the different genres that have been put together but because the writer clearly has an understanding of those genres and the appropriate tones and moods. At times this feels like something that could've been directed by John Carpenter at any point in the last 50 years.’


Synopsis –


PSI KILLER (set in August 1999) follows DUNCAN, a victim of the infamous MK Ultra Montauk Project. Duncan was specially selected and trained from a very young age to kill with his mind alone, while in ASTRAL MODE, outside his physical body.


Duncan’s handlers are the avuncular DR. VON NEUMANN, a ‘Paperclip Nazi’, and the cold-hearted US Senator (and former CIA officer) BISHOP. Duncan’s trauma-induced amnesic walls have suddenly eroded, and his memories of abuse start to surface as he becomes aggressive, particularly towards his primary torturer, Bishop.

During a failed mission to assassinate the soon-to-be president of Russia, the notorious VLADIMIR PUTIN, Duncan’s amnesic walls fully collapse, and he finds out that his whole life is a lie. He then flees the Montauk lab, the only home he’s ever known, in search of answers.


Bishop then sends MAGGIE, a soldier trained from birth by the evil Nazi war criminal, Josef Mengele, to track and retrieve Duncan unharmed. Also on Duncan’s trail is Russian psychic assassin, PETROV, tasked with avenging Putin, who’s suffered neurological damage from Duncan’s attack, and wants the Americans to pay in blood.


Duncan engages in PSYCHIC SPYING to obtain important clues to his past as well as the location of a fellow survivor of the MONTAUK BOYS PROGRAM -- gun-crazy, conspiracy nut BENNETT ELDRIDGE. While Duncan’s visiting the skittish Eldridge, he discovers that he’s got a long-lost sister, EMILY. But Maggie attacks and an explosive gunfight ensues.


Maggie chases down and shoots Duncan with a tranquilizer dart but sees that he has endured the same abusive training as she did. Maggie also wants Bishop off her back as he keeps her in line by threatening her mother in South America. So, Maggie and Duncan strike a deal to find Duncan’s sister and then kill Bishop together.   


Sensing Maggie’s betrayal, Bishop now sends GOTTLIEB, his sadistic Vietnam vet hitman to intercept, and Gottlieb finds out that Duncan’s on his way to Emily’s college. To avoid another gunfight, Bishop tells Gottlieb to grab Emily and lead them back to Montauk.


Duncan and Maggie arrive at the facility but are separated following an initial conflict. Maggie then engages Gottlieb in a knife fight to the death while Duncan confronts Bishop. But Duncan’s tricked into a hypodermic injection of nanotechnology under the ruse of lifetime protection for Emily. Bishop also drops a BOMBSHELL REVELATION on Duncan.


However, the Russians have also found Duncan and Petrov arrives to exact Vladimir Putin’s revenge as all Hell breaks loose. While Duncan’s engaging in a psychic battle with Petrov, Bishop escapes and calls in a platoon of Marines with shoot-to-kill orders. Duncan’s final solution will shock you. And is Maggie dead? Do they flee to South America after the Nazis?           

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