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Unholy Soundtrack

The occult never quite goes away...
A Screenplay Based on Actual Events
Author bio
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Lance Gilbert is an American writer who has lived in Wellington, New Zealand for the past decade. After almost twenty years in Human Resources and Recruitment, he began writing full-time.

Lance became well-versed in the history of the iconic rock band, Led Zeppelin, both during and after the publication of his best-selling nonfiction book, The Led Zeppelin Curse.


In addition to the historical aspects of Zeppelin, Lance’s knowledge of the occult closely parallels that of Jimmy Page. This background puts him in a good position to interpret the legendary conflict between Page and the famously tempestuous underground filmmaker, Kenneth Anger.

Author Bio

"Gilbert’s book is fascinating, freaky and FUN! The Led Zeppelin Curse has everything that I would want in a read: rock n roll, magick and new information about rock gods that I didn’t already know. What this book provides is a clear introduction into the magick of Alister Crowley and his association and connection to Jimmy Page. The trinity between Crowley, Kenneth Anger and Page is a fascinating one and one in which Gilbert has researched thoroughly.

This book is interactive in the way that the “choose your own adventure” books I enjoyed as a child were. Gilbert had me digging out my Houses of the Holy album and putting the book down to check out a specific YouTube video to then return to the book for what seemed like a discussion about what we just saw. Interested?"
Co-host of the Muses and Stuff Podcast

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