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Are Nonphysical Entities Creating Your Life For You?

Given that you are a paranormal enthusiast or at least very curious about the subject, have you ever wondered if your thoughts are entirely your own? I'm sure you are familiar with the concept that our thoughts create our reality. I say concept because some feel that the jury is still out on this but personally, I do agree with it. So if the pictures, movies and words we generate with our minds really do spill out into our third dimensional, solid realities can our thoughts be manipulated by invisible energies? Can ghosts hijack this power and live in and/or around your body to reap the benefits of the things they are creating through you?

Once you start reading about and investigating the paranormal you're on their radar. Your energy field is 'tagged' and your aura glows in a certain way which differentiates you from the others going about their daily lives not thinking about or 'vibrating' to the supernatural. You are now on a very exciting and potentially dangerous adventure. But then again, what is adventure without a bit of danger? Ghost Hunters (even the armchair type) are naturally inclined to poke around seeking hard evidence or at least personal confirmation that other realities and consciousness exists. Why? Because it's fascinating and exciting. I don't know about you but the first time I received personal confirmation of the paranormal I was blown away! I was catapulted into this alternate reality within. My perception of the world changed forever and it actually felt like I was between worlds. But there was a problem…

Once you pierce the veil a certain type of astral gas or vapor leaks into the space around you and coats your energy field. You can't go back; ever. And this isn't a water tap that you can turn on when it's 'ghost hunting time' on the weekend and then shut off during the work week when you're interacting with the boring physical world. Whether you're aware of it or not, those invisible beings are checking you out and attach themselves like sucker fish. Some want to hang around you and others want to get 'inside'. How can you detect them? One of the biggest indicators (for me at least) are my thoughts. If you remember earlier in the discussion I mentioned that entities often try and get you to think thoughts which create scenarios to bring the things that THEY want into YOUR life. Does this unnerve you? Are you now a target for possession just because you have an interest in the paranormal? Well, yes and no…it depends on a number of variables. By the way, real possession is not pea soup and spinning heads. My next blog entry will expand on this.

Did you enjoy the article? Let me know your thoughts….

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