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Did Jimmy Page Perform Occult Rituals During Concerts?

Did Jimmy Page practice magick rituals during his performances? He has certainly been accused of attempting to hypnotize countless fans with hidden meanings in lyrics and other methods such as body language and through the symbols that adorned his stage clothing and equipment. JP’s violin bow solos have been singled out as blatant evidence of these covert yet overt ceremonies.

Yes, the violin bow could certainly be used as a magic wand of sorts. His use of the violin bow/wand in conjunction with a Theremin is a sight to behold. A Theremin is an electronic instrument in which tone is generated by two high frequency oscillators and the pitch is controlled by the movement of the performer’s hand. It creates a delightfully eerie sound; akin to what you might hear in a 1950’s sci-fi or horror movie.

Page has definitely performed the ‘Four Corners’ ritual with his wand and Theremin onstage. Any occultist will tell you this standard ritual is used to cleanse a space and prepare for spell work. It is also used to close ceremonies and is alternatively known as Calling the Corners, Casting the Circle and The Lesser Banishing Ritual. It all depends on the magical tradition you are following but regardless of the many different names and variations of this ritual the goals are the same.

Look this up on YouTube: Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused (violin bow) NY 1973. Use your gut- he’s not going to say into the microphone ‘I’m going to do a ritual now’ but it’s very obvious that he’s focusing his energy with the violin bow. I love it- gives me the chills!

But does this constitute proof of purposely conducted onstage occult rituals? Nope; absolutely not and there’s no way to definitively show that JP was intentionally trying to control or manipulate the audience. However, any good ritual magician will tell you it’s focused energy and intent that make a ceremony effective. Body language and symbols only serve to bolster those all-important mental powers which are the keys to successfully manipulating the physical plane and those residing on it.

Since we’re on the topic of concerts and being on the road, there are rumors of JP practicing occult rituals in hotel rooms. I’ve come across this several times online and yes, it could very well be absolute BS but that’s what has circulated and it’s not just one mention; there is enough to make you wonder...

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