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Did Jimmy Page Underestimate Kenneth Anger?

After their fallout, when asked if he felt vindictive towards Jimmy Page, Anger responded 'you bet I do; I'm not a Christian turn the other cheek kind.' He also reportedly said with a smile, 'In fact, I'm all ready to throw a Kenneth Anger curse.'

That quote says a lot about Anger; no pun intended. This guy is full of ego and vitriol. He had also been described as an impulsive nut job that could fly off the handle in the blink of an eye. This is all indicative of a person with demonic attachment; someone who has practiced dark rituals and has all sorts of creepy stuff in their energy field. However, I’m not judging Kenneth Anger as I've got firsthand experience with this and know the signs all too well. He’s obviously a talented artist but messing with the occult usually gets the better of everyone.

Anger bitterly recalled that ‘he and Charlotte (JP’s girlfriend) had so many servants yet they would never offer me a cup of tea or a sandwich which is such a mistake on their part because I put the Curse of King Midas on them. If you’re greedy and just amass gold you’ll get an illness so I turned her and Jimmy Page into statues of gold.’

Anger obviously took the lack of offering tea and sandwiches as inhospitable but we really don’t know the specific circumstances. The fact that he cites this as an example of behavior warranting a curse is another indication of spirit attachment. People that react disproportionately to being slighted are under the influence, so to speak. I know because it’s a weakness of mine as well which is connected to messing with demons.

In response to Anger’s comments on this incident Page described it all as pathetic and said he considered returning Anger’s possessions in a hearse but thought it might be too dramatic. JP also said that the curse ‘just’ consisted of silly letters that Anger was writing and sending to everyone that Anger thought Page knew so they would bring it up in conversation. However, silly or not, JP didn’t realize the power of getting other minds to vibrate in that direction (by reading the letters and commenting on them). Anger knew what he was doing.

Also; fame and its ability to amplify things surely played a part.Furthermore; Page dismissively said that the only damage Anger could do is with his tongue. Ah; but the tongue is all-powerful when it comes to magick. Another of JP’s comments on the matter was that Lucifer Rising was going to be a masterpiece but Anger didn’t pull it off. So we had a little tit for tat going on between these two which is standard for magickal collisions. There’s always drama following conflict and even more so when...

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