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Jimmy Page & ZoSo

Page had the ZoSo sigil on his performance clothing and equipment and since he confirmed his practice of Talismanic Magick one can surmise that he ‘charged’ it with his own personal intentions. He could have used it for protection and/or as a magnet for the band’s success. (Yes, dark energies can help you but it usually comes at a price.)

The advantage of being in front of thousands of people on a regular basis is that the talisman’s effectiveness would be significantly amplified by the power of the subconscious minds of those watching.

You don’t have to consciously know what ZoSo means to Jimmy Page to help him fortify this occult magnet/shield. There are so many powerful variables at play here. The vibration of the music would open up the auric fields of those in attendance and then their own personal attachment to the music would feed energy through to the stage; through to JP.

Think about it; they are at a live Zeppelin concert watching their heroes play in person; right in front of them! Each fan’s magnetic power is at full wattage while listening to the music and then their eyes see the ZoSo symbol and subconsciously pick up on JP’s energy of intention and unknowingly feed it with their juice.

Yes, this is all very esoteric and un-provable but that is magick. Believe me; people wouldn’t practice it if it didn’t work. This whole Zeppelin thing was a unique experiment in that of course not all magicians had the energetic battery power of thousands at their disposal and few if any musicians had the depth of occult knowledge or will to use it.

Now Jimmy Page said he would never reveal what ZoSo means to him but Robert Plant once mentioned that JP told him but he was high and/or drunk at the time and had forgotten by morning. He said he asked JP about it again but JP clammed up and said he couldn’t tell him. As previously discussed, Page is quite offish when it comes to talking about his interest in the occult but he has slipped here and there. In my opinion, this reluctance comes from a mixture of things.

Part of it is a desire to be...

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