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Musical Vibrations - Dimensional Portals?

As you know, rock concerts are exciting, frenetic, and some would even say orgiastic events. The scientific community is well aware of the potential consciousness altering effects that music can have. However, the kind of music and more specifically the harmonics involved will have a significant impact on the type of experience the listener has. Everything comes down to vibration and music creates ripples that call out to the more subtle realities around us. The density of the musical vibration will correlate with the quality of the dimension the music taps into.

Like attracts like and the type of music being played at a concert will connect to the worlds and the entities contained therein which match that frequency. So basically, rock concerts attract flesh and blood human fans as well as nonphysical energies (ghosts, spirits, etc.) that are pulled through the veil which is unlocked by the vibration of the music.

Now I’m not here to pass judgment and say that ‘negative’ energies flock to rock concerts because such labels are all relative. I’d rather look at it on a horizontal scale and just say that the types of entities attracted to a symphony performance are going to be different than ones brought in by a Led Zeppelin concert. Neither is better or worse; more or less evolved than the other, etc. However, you’ll definitely see more overt manifestation or evidence of spirit presences at rock concerts than you would at symphony performances and here’s why.

The body is very much an instrument unto itself and we all ‘feel’ music, don’t we? So if you just relax and open up when listening to classical music the vibrations that are ‘playing’ your body will generally make you feel calm and some would even say spiritually elevated. Now relax, open up and play Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song. I love that one and the feeling it creates within me is fantastic! I feel adrenalized, on fire, the blood starts to pump.

However, when these particular musical vibrations fill the air and your body, your instrument, starts responding to the beat, two things happen. The music ‘sings’ out to the other dimensions and attracts the types of beings that resonate with that particular frequency. Then your body responds to the musical vibrations and becomes a gateway. You are now a portal to allow these nonphysical energies to enter into and experience the physical realm. Pretty freaky, huh?


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