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Did Jimmy Page Throw a Curse of His Own?

If you recall from an earlier chapter, Do What Thou Wilt was pressed into the outtro groove of Led Zeppelin III under JP’s direction. This phrase was obviously very important to JP and he took the meaning of it quite seriously. The title of the song by Eddie and the Hot Rod was Do Anything You Wanna Do which is exactly how this Crowley phrase is most often misinterpreted.

The song was released on July 29th, 1977 just days after Robert Plant’s son died. Can you imagine how pissed off Jimmy Page must have been? Look at the timing. Led Zeppelin had just come off a rough, tragedy-laden tour and the band’s future was up in the air. Then this flippant song is released rubbing salt into JP’s wounds.

Do What Thou Wilt basically means find your true purpose and put all of your energy into it versus wasting your life on the goals and desires society imposes on you which just creates misery. It doesn’t mean do anything you want regardless of the consequences or who you might hurt in the process. Do Anything You Wanna Do reached the Top Ten.

The band put Crowley on the cover of the single but wanted to lighten things up (Crowley’s photos are pretty intense after all) by putting a pair of Mickey Mouse ears on the old occultist’s head. Apparently Jimmy Page found out and allegedly placed a curse of his own on Eddie and the Hot Rods for insulting Crowley. As previously discussed, curses don’t necessarily work in a dramatic death and explosion-laced way. Curses sometimes perpetuate themselves as well. Quite often the cursed are prone to cursing others.

So what happened to Eddie and the Hot Rod? The band was soon dropped from their label, their manager became hooked on heroin (addiction is synonymous with demonic attachment) and they pretty much sputtered out. The band’s base player even said that weird stuff happened and the general consensus was that they shouldn’t have messed with Aleister Crowley.

You’ll notice that his comment about ‘weird stuff’ indicates that there was more than the record label drop and heroin addiction. There is always more when it comes to the misuse of spiritual energy; not just the overt things that...

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