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*FREE* Review Copy: The Secret Life of Horror Movies

Do you love horror movies and/or the paranormal?

Did you know that certain movies with occult and supernatural themes are connected to bad luck and even death?

Have you ever had disturbing dreams or upheaval in your life for days or even weeks after watching scary films?

Just when you thought it was safe to go to sleep comes a book on the horror genre like no other. Horror movies give us a delightful rush, but does it come at a cost much higher than the price of a ticket at the box office?

The Secret Life of Horror Movies delves into the parallels between what happens onscreen and how this entertainment bleeds into our real lives. It also investigates the film-making process and the origin of those brilliantly creepy ideas that coarse through the minds and keyboards of screenwriters and directors.

From haunted movie sets depicting ghosts, possession and murder to the tragic ends of actors who thought the blood would stop flowing when the director yelled ‘cut!’ we’ll explore the fine line between a good scare and a door you wish you hadn’t opened.

Don’t think there’s a correlation between horror movies and freaky stuff that happens in our ‘real’ lives? That’s perfectly fine because belief isn’t required to enjoy this book. However, you might as well look behind the silver screen while you have a chance- it might increase your life expectancy!

If you'd like a FREE review copy of my upcoming book, just leave your name and e-mail address along with a quick note that you'd like a review copy of The Secret Life of Horror Movies. My contact details can be found at the bottom of any page on the website. From there I'll come back to you with specifics.



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