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Creepy *FREE* Excerpts from The Led Zeppelin Curse- what's living inside of Jimmy Page?

Sure, there are deaths aplenty connected to the Zeppelin Curse but the main target / focal point seems to have gotten off scott-free. Well, not exactly. The results of a curse can be a slow burn as well. Jimmy Page’s heroin addiction is a smoking gun. The majority consensus was that JP’s playing ability suffered significantly from his heavy smack use starting around 1975. I suspect that some sort of magickal working occurred at or around this time. Whether it was by Page, Kenneth Anger or the both of them doing spells separately is anyone’s guess. Remember that Robert Plant’s car accident in Greece occurred in 75’ too.

With heroin you go into such a deep, dreamlike state that you can be ‘worked on’ more effectively by spiritual tapeworms or soul infections. During JP’s long-term heroin stupor, I’m sure that many astral beings permanently grafted themselves onto his energy field. The addiction certainly stifled his creativity which we’ll discuss shortly. Also; this sort of vampiric slow-drain is covert and actually more beneficial to the demon / malevolent spirit in the long run as it ensures a consistent stream of food (life force) and access to physical pleasures (via subtle possession) than a one-off car accident or impulsed suicide, etc.

It really depends on the type of entity involved and how they access the target which is often determined by that individual’s weaknesses. Openings in the energy field which spirits can see via their perspective from the astral plane often correlate with physical and/or neurochemical deficiencies as they are interconnected.

What was around Page (and is likely still there) never really goes away. Sure, he’s off the drugs now but it’s too late as the spirits have burrowed their way into his energy field. This is not the Hollywood, head-spinning, pea soup type of possession. It’s the permanent type that is very subtle and only might (just might) be apparent to those very close to the target.When it comes to spirit infiltration, the real deal is all around us and happens a lot more than you’d think. This is creepy stuff and the machinations of nonphysical beings aren’t very often exposed because people are too distracted and don’t want to see what’s right in front of and inside them.

What! Who am I to suggest that Jimmy Page is possessed? As I’ve said from the beginning, I’m only speculating based on the information that I have and knowing what he’s exposed himself to. Owning Aleister Crowley’s former home (regardless of how little time he allegedly spent there) and reprinting the Goetia certainly qualify him for possession. The overt behavior like having to finish a song on a stool or mumbling incoherently through an interview is indicative of a struggle.

Once the entity wins and becomes entrenched the target goes back to normal and carries on with their life; albeit with a permanent resident. Some struggle longer than others and some do shake that monkey off their backs but I think JP still has his and I’m sure many would (silently) agree with me. I can hear some of you now- ‘it’s ridiculous to suggest such a thing!’ Maybe initially but why is it such a stretch given what he’s been into? Also remember that real possession is only very, very rarely spinning heads and pea soup. Either way it’s something to consider.

Here is another related excerpt....

The intense and elaborate ritual that Aleister Crowley conducted at Boleskine House most certainly was a factor in creating a little tear in the fabric of space-time. However, by not banishing the forces he summoned, that little tear became an irreversible rip allowing astral beings to come and go as they please.

Where does Jimmy Page fit in? First of all, who knows what rituals he performed at Boleskine House. All we hear is that there were lavish ‘parties’ (rituals?) and he otherwise spent ‘very little’ time there. Then we have the Page loyalists who say they never saw him perform any ceremonies and that he was just an occult ‘researcher’.

I very seriously doubt that JP didn’t perform any rituals at Boleskine House. I’m not saying he did Black Masses or sacrificed animals/people but he most certainly did magick there. Secondly, just the fact that Jimmy Page owned Boleskine House and Led Zeppelin fans knew he was into the occult definitely magnetized additional energy to the property thus fortifying what the Great Glen and Crowley had started.

Fame and the collective mental focus (i.e. energy) that it draws is very powerful. This is part of the reason why so many celebrities are unstable and/or substance abusers. Think about all of the vibes coming at them from people watching their movies, listening to their music and/or reading tabloids, etc. If we can accept that radio signals invisibly, wirelessly travel from their point of origin and make music come out of our radios then why can’t the transmissions of the most powerful device of all (the human mind) reach and have an effect on their intended receivers? Anyway; the vibes coming from Zeppelin fans definitely added to the potency of the vortex in Boleskine House and the surrounding area.

I saved the best hypothesis for last. Is Jimmy Page possessed by Aleister Crowley? Real possession is not spinning heads and projectile pea soup. It’s far more insidious and common than you might think. I wrote about this extensively in my last book. There are any number of ways that this possession could have occurred. Think about it; you’ve got two people owning the same house in different time periods where dark occult rituals occurred and in an overall area (surrounding Loch Ness) that is known for paranormal phenomena. Crowley’s energy, his very essence, is in that property and here comes a guy who admired him and practiced elements (at the very least) of his magick and philosophy. That’s a strong resonance. Then add all of the sex and drugs (from both) and there you have the ultimate recipe for possession.

Once again, Kenneth Anger’s influence comes into play as well. Although JP’s music wasn’t used in Lucifer Rising the guitarist does make a cameo in the film. In that scene we see a bearded Jimmy Page staring at a wreathed portrait of Aleister Crowley while holding an Egyptian stele which is a stone or wooden slab used for funerary or commemorative purposes. It’s as if JP was staring into a mirror and he became Crowley.

Mirror magick is potent and dangerous. The Goetia, a spell book that Crowley definitely used and Jimmy Page liked enough to (at the very least) reprint with great care, utilizes a mirror for the evocation of demonic entities. Was Kenneth Anger sending a message with that scene? Was he setting Page up somehow? Anger has stated that his films are rituals unto themselves. This image from the film can be found online- have a look. In addition to his very public Curse of King Midas, Anger might have helped facilitate the grafting of Aleister Crowley’s consciousness onto JP’s energy field via this film/ritual.

There doesn’t have to be a dramatic shift in personality for possession to take place. It could be a cohabitation of sorts that JP wouldn’t even be aware of. For those of you that don’t believe in magick or the occult (and that’s perfectly understandable if you haven’t experienced it) this will sound utterly ridiculous. But to the believers this will sound like the ultimate ritual. Think about it- the dead magician entering the young, rich and famous rock star’s body to once again enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. Whichever side you fall on, it’s interesting stuff to consider.

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