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Sex, Groupies and Whips! *FREE* Zeppelin Curse Excerpt

Since we’re on the topic of concerts and being on the road, there are rumors of JP practicing occult rituals in hotel rooms. I’ve come across this several times online and yes, it could very well be absolute BS but that’s what has circulated and it’s not just one mention; there is enough to make you wonder. This segues nicely into our next topic of sex ritual groupie experimentation. However, I think it’s important to clarify what we mean by ritual as quite often (whether consciously or not) there are negative connotations attached to the word.

Just because one practices a ritual doesn’t make them evil or have malicious intent. A ritual could very well be focused on bringing good things into your life and creating harmony, etc. In fact, that’s what all magick is intended to do; use the power of the mind to harness what’s available within and without to create anything you want. However, there’s often a problem with this. When you willingly try and tap into the invisible worlds, regardless of your intent or how experienced and knowledgeable you might be, you cannot control what shows up.

The nonphysical ocean all around us contains many fascinating and beautiful creatures. Just because you call dolphins doesn’t mean that only dolphins will appear. There could be sharks and much like a dorsal fin cutting through the water it’s hard to tell at first glance whether there’s a dolphin or shark attached to it. So yes; even the most benign ritual can result in a feeding frenzy and bloodbath.

However, this isn’t always the case. I can hear some practitioners saying that they’ve performed rituals all of their life and have had no issues. First this depends on how you define issues and secondly, entity influence can be very hard to identify as the practitioner because you’re too close to the situation to see the subtle yet potentially dangerous influences around you. But no; not all magickal ceremony results in negative effects but it does open that door. Ok; let’s get back to the groupies.

Rock stars and groupies go together like hot dogs and ketchup, like carrots and dip and like bullets and guns. Aside from fame and fortune, being a rock god brings sex, lots of it! As we've discussed, Jimmy Page was heavily into notorious occultist Aleister Crowley and all that it implies. A huge part of Crowley's magickal philosophy and system involved sex ritual. A rock star travelling the world with continuous access to nubile women willing to do anything and everything to please him creates the perfect occult laboratory. Imagine JP reading about Crowley's sex magick rituals one moment and the next he hears a knock at the hotel room door. It's his road manager with a bevy of babes ready to party. Well there you go...

What is sex ritual? It means many things to many people but I’ll give you my brief definition. During the sexual act we as humans are at our most vulnerable but also most powerful. Generating sexual energy all by yourself (you know what I mean) is quite potent but when two (or more) humans combine this energy in a focused manner the results can be amazing. Sex ritual goes back in time as far as the eye can see. Unfortunately, the church came in and screwed, pardon the pun, everything up with their guilt programming and other control mechanisms.

I won’t go on and on here (my other books talk about this a lot more) but suffice to say that having sex with the specific purpose of creating or tapping into something can lead to physical manifestation at an extremely accelerated rate. Aleister Crowley experimented heavily with sex ritual and then added drugs to the mix to amplify the results. He called his sex ritual partners Scarlet Women.

If you start researching Crowley the term Scarlet Woman will sure enough arise. The dictionary defines a Scarlet Woman as a sinful, immoral, promiscuous woman; especially a prostitute or woman that commits adultery. The term can be found in the bible and also in Crowley's religion, Thelema, where the Scarlet Woman is an oracle of sorts. The old magician spent a great deal of time looking for (and copulating with) his various appointed sacred prostitutes. These women were sex magick partners meant to enhance rituals and bring through energy and results that Crowley could not easily produce by himself.

He had multiple Scarlet Women during his heyday and paradoxically treated them in both demeaning and respectful ways. I’m not going to get into the specifics as we’re focusing on Jimmy Page but basically these women were magickal conduits. For the Crowley followers out there, yes, I’m simplifying things as I don’t want to stray too far off topic.

In relation to Jimmy Page, the opportunities to find his own Scarlet Women and experiment were copious given his status as a rock star. JP’s view on women was seemingly influenced by Crowley as evidenced by this surprising quote.

‘Crowley didn't have a very high opinion of women and I don't think he was wrong. Playing music is a very high sexual act. It's an emotional release and the sexual drive comes in along with all the other impulses.’

A very interesting comment and I suppose it could be interpreted in a number of ways. Curiously enough and it may just be a coincidence, but at the time of this writing, the old rock god is dating a girl 46 years (!) his junior who is named Scarlett. Does Jimmy Page seek out women named Scarlet or do women named Scarlet try to get his attention knowing that the name triggers his interest because of the Crowley connection? However, the current Scarlett isn’t the only one. Scarlet Lilith Page was born on March 24th, 1971. Now there’s no way it’s a coincidence that JP named his daughter Scarlet Lilith given that these names are significant in relation to occultism and Aleister Crowley.

We know about Scarlet Women but what about the name Lilith? Lilith is a figure in Jewish mythology known as a dangerous demon of the night. She is sexually wanton and steals babies. In one of Crowley’s technical books, De Arte Magica, Lilith appears as a succubus (female demon that has sex with sleeping men) and was also one of the middle names of Crowley’s first child. What am I getting at with this?

It further demonstrates the influence Aleister Crowley had and likely still has on Jimmy Page. The fact that Jimmy Page gave his daughter these two very significant occultic names is indicative of how important the ritual aspect (not just the research) of magick was/is to him as well as its (likely) continued influence given the name of the woman he’s currently dating. Yes, I’m aware that for some of you this will be a stretch but for others it will be quite an obvious connection.

There are all sorts of crazy JP groupie stories and most interesting among them is his penchant for whipping the girls. TV star John Stamos once played with JP at a charity concert event. During an interview with Howard Stern, Stamos stated that in JP’s hotel room he saw whips and 'devil stuff' in the rock star’s suitcase. Why would Jimmy Page be travelling with whips? The whole whips thing is mentioned rather consistently and has been referenced by JP’s most prominent groupies during interviews or in their books.

Whipping is used during rituals for a variety of purposes but at the core this technique is used to focus consciousness as pinpoint focus is absolutely critical to bridge the gap between the physical and nonphysical worlds. Priests are often depicted whipping themselves ‘for God’ or because they feel guilty or not worthy, etc. but in reality, it’s all a prompting from the nonphysical (via demonic consciousness) to open a small portal, a fissure if you will, into the physical plane. So why was Jimmy Page whipping groupies in hotel rooms? He may have been performing specific rituals or he may have been getting off on the combination of pain and pleasure the girls were feeling which is a sign of demonic influence. Sure; he could have been just trying freaky stuff for fun but given his occult background this is highly unlikely.

Whenever someone likes inflicting pain upon another person trust me, there’s a dark entity present. Once again, these sharp bursts of pain create a doorway into the physical world so that nonphysical beings can gain access to the energy fields of the living and experience all of the stuff (sex, food, etc.) they cannot from their frequency of existence. So my best guess is that Page had entities around him that impulsed the whipping in conjunction with other sexual activities which all opened a doorway for these spirits to enter his body. And what spirit doesn’t want to inhabit the body of a rich, hedonistic rock star worshipped by millions? Yes, lots of speculation there but I told you we’d be doing that. Now let’s talk about curses…

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