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The Family Taxi

From a parenting perspective, I cannot stress how monumentally important it is to keep your car in tip-top condition. It’s a safety thing, but it’s also a mental health thing. Without a car, you can’t drop your kids off at school or day care. Think about that. It’s disconcerting, isn’t it? Depending on your geographic situation, a vehicle that’s out of commission could mean complete and total isolation. Minus the children, that could work out nicely. However, throwing them off their routine and being housebound is very combustible.

Even if your car is in perfect condition, make sure your bundles of joy don’t leave the lights on and drain your battery. Surely, you’ve gotten frustrated with their hyper energy and just shooed them outside. Out! Out! Out! They can take that screaming outside so the neighbours can deal with it for a while. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, right? Truth be told, the neighbours on both sides of our house have sold within the last four months. Never found out why.

Anyway; back to that car battery. Zoe loves to play in the family truckster when ejected from the house. It’s ok because the way our place is set up, you can see the car from the living room window. She messes with everything; and I mean everything. All of the switches, mirrors, vents, lights, etc. She has lots of fun playing race car driver. The biggest issue is the lights. During the day, it’s hard to notice if they’re on and we close the curtains before dusk.

I’ve had to ask neighbours for a jump on several occasions. These were the ones diagonally across the street and fairly out of earshot. They only hear the yelling and/or crying from the car as we come and go, versus the incessant chaos the...


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