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Where Do the Ideas for Horror Movies Come From?

Have you ever wondered where the scary stuff in your favourite horror films comes from? Yes of course, screenwriters think up all of the frightful and gory scenarios. Or it’s adapted from a Clive Barker or Stephen King novel, right? Sure, that’s one point along the path of creating a Halloween or Friday the 13th but maybe, just maybe…the writer is not the point of origin for the story’s original concept. Perhaps it was someone or someTHING else’s idea?

Ok, this might be a stretch for a few of you and I’ll request that you suspend your disbelief for just a moment and consider the possibility that your favourite horror movie came from the mind/consciousness of a being that resides just outside of our physical reality. Ridiculous, you say? But such things can’t be proven! That even sounds like the PLOT of a horror movie. Yes, I know, quite an assertion but please hear me out. Just as such a theory cannot be proven, it cannot be disproven either, right? Another question, a very important question, is WHY would a demon or ghost take over or feed the mind of a writer so that he or she would then type those things out and submit them to a movie studio or producer, etc. Let’s start talking about the why and the how.

So why would an entity want to influence a writer to get scary, gory and/or occultic images on film and in front of millions of people? What’s the purpose / point / endgame? Before proceeding let me emphasize that I’m not trying to tell you ‘how it is’ or claim that ‘I know’, etc. Anyone that speaks in a declarative tone when it comes to this stuff is highly suspect, not to mention irritating. I’m only sharing my take on this as the subject fascinates me and I’ve had direct experience in this area for over 20 years. Demons, ghosts (or whatever you want to call them) seek to infiltrate the physical dimension and ultimately human energy fields and one of the most effective ways is to use the imaginations (i.e. mental / bio-electric energy) of large numbers of people to open portals into our reality. This happens in movie theatres and in your own living rooms.

Fellow horror fans, I’m not trying to scare you (although that’s what we love, right?) but rather ask you to consider that there is a whole different layer of completely hidden machinations occurring beneath the surface of horror films…both during production and in theatres and homes afterwards.

I’ll elaborate in the next post but in the meantime please let me know your thoughts…

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